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For a long time Bendigo Bank has worked with our customers to meet their financial goals. And we’ve worked with communities to help them generate income and build bright futures – both financially and socially.

With increasing evidence that human activity is affecting the environment, whether salinity or greenhouse gas emissions, there is a third element that’s vital to long-term community wellbeing – the environment.

Through Generation Green™, and with local communities, Bendigo Bank can play a role in addressing these issues by providing customers and communities with simple, practical, straight forward solutions that add up to a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future.

Several years ago Bendigo Bank introduced Green Home and Personal Loans to encourage customers to make their homes more energy efficient. And the Bank itself has undertaken significant measures to reduce its own impact – offsetting our vehicle emissions, reducing power usage and building one of Australia’s first five-star energy rated office buildings.

With Generation Green™, and a range of new solutions to help customers care for the environment, we’re making it even easier for you and your community to reduce your impact on the environment.

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Generation Green™ has been supported with assistance from the Victorian Government's Sustainability Fund.

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