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It's easy to live green and save money!
Hi, we’re the Green family. We were concerned about climate change, drought and the decline of natural systems, and wanted to reduce our impact on the environment. However with a mortgage and general expenses to consider, we couldn’t afford large investments like water tanks, solar hot water or photovoltaic power systems. So we crafted a simple three stage program to help us. Each stage of the program lessened our impact on the environment and saved us money in the process. The further we got into our program, the more money we saved to invest into our ever increasingly “Green” home.

By the end of the program we saved over $21,000, invested in pro-environmental improvements for our home and cut our water use and green house gas emissions by over 50%.

You too can use our Green program to reduce your household’s impact on the environment and save money.

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It's easy to live green and save money! Click here and let the Green family program show you how.

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