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Generation Green™ Home Loan

With up to a 0.90%pa reduction on the Bank’s current residential variable rate and no monthly service fee, a Generation Green™ Home Loan makes building or buying a ‘green’ home more affordable.

And if that’s not reason enough to consider a ‘green’ home, remember you might also save on energy and water bills and further reduce your impact on the environment.

Generation Green™ Home Loans aren’t just for new homes. If you have an existing mortgage and want to take advantage of discounted interest rates, it’s often easier than you think to meet our environmental criteria.

Generation Green™ Home Loans are for Owner Occupied Homes only.

Generation Green™ Home Loan features

Loan Features

Minimum Loan Amount $5,000
Loan Term Maximum 30 years
Interest Rate Variable
Interest Calculated Daily
Interest Debited Monthly
Payment Options Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly
Additional Repayments Yes, unlimited
Redraw Facility Manual & Online redraw available
Additional Transaction Account Rebates Yes, Receive a full Transaction Account rebate on ALL eligible Transactional Accounts*
Offset Account Can be linked to a Mortgage Saver Account with a Full Offset
Maximum LVR Up to 95% of the value of the property (excluding mortgage insurance premium) or 90% of the value of Land
Note: If the LVR exceeds 80%, Lender’s Mortgage Insurance is required
Credit Increases Yes**

Additional Benefits

Insurance Free Bendigo Home Insurance from the time of signing the purchase contract until settlement (Max free cover period, 90 days) with the purchase of a new Home or Home and Contents Insurance policy. After settlement, customers can choose to pay their premiums annually or if preferable pay by the month.
Credit Card 3.00% p.a. discount on the Bendigo Red Credit Card - Up to 44 Days Interest Free **

Current Interest Rates

View Current Interest Rates

** Terms and Conditions and Lending Criteria Apply

How it works

Bendigo Bank completed extensive research with the help of various industry bodies to develop a home loan that makes building an energy and/or water efficient home more affordable.

How do you qualify?

Criteria 1

Your building or renovation must comply with the minimum environmental standard required in your state or territory.

Criteria 2

You must be installing a minimum of two items from Table A, or one item from Table B.

Table A - any 2 of the following will meet Criteria 2
Double or triple Glazing Reduces heat loss and noise transmission through windows.
Solar Hot Water Heater or Heat Pump Reduces your reliance on the power supply for the heating of water and can result in financial savings through reduced energy bills.
Water Storage Tanks (minimum 2,500 litre capacity) Reduces your reliance on water storages, resulting in financial savings through reduced water bills.
Roof and Wall Insulation Helps prevent temperature extremes wihtin a dwelling. Monetary savings through reduced energy bills.


Table B - any of the following will meet Criteria 2
Alternative Power Supply Alternative power supplies reduce dependence on fossil fuels and allow households to generate their own power which results in financial savings through reduced energy bills.
Solar power (photovoltaic systems) A minimum of a 1.5kw photovoltaic system is required to qualify for the loan.
Wind Turbine A minimum of a 1.5kw wind turbine is required to qualify for the loan.
Micro Hydro System A minimum of a 1.0kw micro hydro system is required to qualify for the loan.
Grey or Black Water Treatment System A grey or black water treatment system reduces your reliance on water storage dams and can result in financial savings through reduced water bills. Your system must be connected to the laundry and all bathrooms in the dwelling to qualify for the loan. Please note that customers will be required to provide planning permits, plumbing compliance and installation certificates.

Please note that these systems need to be properly installed in appropriate conditions to receive optimum results.

All installed items must be above and beyond minimum state requirements. For example, to comply with the new criteria an applicant who is building a new home in Victoria would need to build a 5 Star rated home plus choose to install either a rainwater tank or solar hot water system, and in addition install other items from Table A or B above.

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Generation Green™ has been supported with assistance from the Victorian Government's Sustainability Fund.

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