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Generation Green™ Personal Loan

With a 1.00%pa discount on the Bank’s current fixed rate personal loans, a Generation Green™ Personal Loan rewards you for your environmentally friendly purchases.

There are currently 12 environmentally friendly products that can be purchased with a Generation Green™ Personal Loan.

Double Glazing
Reduces heat loss and noise transmission through windows.
Environmentally Friendly Vehicle
Any vehicle that achieves a 5 star environmental rating. These vehicles greatly reduce emissions and environmental impact. Ratings can be checked here.
External Awnings
Effective way to keep your home cool, especially on North, East and West facing windows.
Greywater Treatment System
Reduces need for freshwater and pressure on public water supplies. Monetary savings through reduced water bills.
Helps prevent temperature extremes within a dwelling. Monetary savings through reduced energy bills.
Micro-hydro system*
Takes advantage of the continual flow of a water source such as a stream to harness energy for household purposes.
Retrofit Kits
Solar collectors that can be connected to existing conventional off-peak electric hot water systems.
Solar Hot Water Heaters
Can reduce a household's hot water bill by more than 60% each year. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions, a bi-product of standard energy production.
Solar Power (Photovoltaic)*
A photovoltaic system converts light energy into electricity. These systems reduce dependence on fossil fuels and allow households to generate their own power.
Water Storage Tanks
Reduces reliance on water storage dams as well as monetary savings through reduced water bills.
White Goods & Appliances
Top Energy Saver Award winning white goods and appliances including:
  • single phase air conditioners
  • clothes dryers
  • clothes washers
  • diswashers
  • fridges and freezers

A list of all Top Energy Saver Award winning white goods and appliances is available here.

Wind Turbine*
Uses wind energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and allows households to generate their own power.

Generation Green™ Personal Loan features

Minimum Loan Amount $2000
Loan Term 1 to 7 years
Interest Rate Fixed for the term of the loan
Interest Calculated Daily
Interest Debited Monthly
Payment Options Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly
Redraw Facility Manual & Online redraw available
Statement Half yearly
Additional Payments Yes, unlimited
Additional Transaction Account Rebates Yes. Receive an Additional Transaction Account Rebate of $1.75 on ALL of your eligible Transaction Accounts**.

Fees On Your Loan

  • Application Fee - $150.
  • Document Preparation Fee - $100 (only if secured)
  • Statutory fees and charges may apply
  • Security Registration Fee (at the rate applicable in your state)
  • Monthly Service Fee - Free
  • Online Redraw Fee - Free
  • In Branch Redraw Fee - $25
  • Early Repayment Fee - $20

Apply for a Personal Loan Online

* These types of power systems are generally connected to the main power grid, however, they can also be installed as a "Stand Alone" system. In this instance a generator is required as a back-up energy source in times of poor weather conditions. Batteries are also needed to store any excess energy for use when weather conditions are not conducive to energy production.

** Refer to our Schedule of Fees & Charges and Transaction Account Rebates for more information on Transaction Account Rebates and a list of eligible Transaction Accounts.

All applications are subject to Bendigo’s credit assessment criteria.
Terms and conditions apply

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