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e-banking, Internet Banking – Australia's Community Focussed Bank - Bendigo BankIf you're looking for a bank with world-class online banking security, you need to know the Bendigo.

We're committed to making online banking as convenient and as safe as possible.  Bendigo Bank's online banking solution 'Bendigo e-banking' offers a secure email service for safe communication between you and the bank.

And, we also offer the Bendigo e-banking Security Token, which generates a unique authorisation key every 36 seconds.

Used in conjunction with your access number and password, the Bendigo e-banking Security Token authorisation key maximises your online banking security.

"Online Banking" or "Internet Banking" - what is it?

"Online Banking" or "Internet Banking" is a term used for performing transactions, payments etc. over the Internet.

Bendigo e-banking is Bendigo Bank's Internet banking solution and offers a comprehensive range of Internet and electronic banking (e-banking) services.

You can do all of your banking 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Bendigo e-banking is all about Bendigo Bank fitting in with your everyday schedule, be it personal or business, not the other way around.

Many of the transactions you do over-the-counter can now be done on the Internet, on a computer, in your home - or anywhere else in the world.

At Bendigo Bank, we won't be changing the way we welcome Customers to our branches, Internet banking is simply a means of providing Customers with more banking choices.

Internet banking security

Bendigo Bank is very conscious of the security of all Customer information. We have taken steps to protect the confidentiality of your accounts. All Online banking transactions sent over the Internet are specially encrypted using 128-bit encryption to maximise Internet Banking security.

Only registered users can access e-banking. When you register, you will receive a unique Access ID number and a temporary password. The first time you use the service, you are asked to select a password of your choice. Therefore no-one else can access your information, and you must keep these numbers confidential.

e-banking includes a special service called 'Secure Email' which allows you to communicate with us throughout your Online banking. This is provided in a secure environment to protect your information. To protect your privacy, we recommend you do not use standard Internet email when communicating information about your accounts.

For more information about Internet Banking Security, click here.

E-banking security tokens

You are required to enter your Access ID and secret password to begin your e-banking session. As a second level of protection, Bendigo Bank provides all customers the option of Security Tokens. You will be required to have a Security Token if you are authorising payments to third parties.

It looks like a key ring with a digital number display. At the press of a button, it generates a six-digit number called an Authentication Key. A different number will be generated every 36 seconds and each number can only be used once. This reduces the risk of criminals conducting any unauthorised activity as they will not have the Token to access the Authentication Key.

We strongly recommend you activate your e-banking Security Token to protect your details at each of the following stages of your banking session:

  • Your online banking logon
  • Making changes to your payee list
  • Making online banking payments (this is compulsory)

We will activate your Token before sending it to you so you will be protected from the moment you begin.

For more information about e-banking Security Tokens, click here.

Internet banking fees

There are some transaction fees associated with e-banking and these fees may vary depending on the type of account you are transacting on. Further details are available in the individual account descriptions or in our Schedule of Fees & Charges and Transaction Account Rebates.

Account inquiries are free.

Personal e-banking

Personal e-banking provides a range of convenient online banking services.

  • Account Balances - for all of your Bendigo Bank accounts
  • Interest and Charges History provides a summary of the interest and charges (by account) for the financial year
  • Funds Transfer - transfer between your accounts today, set up a future transfer or a regular recurring transfer
  • Bill Payment - of all your bills which display the BPAY logo
  • BPAY View - is a service to receive, view and pay your bills online
  • Pay Anyone - transfer funds to any account with any Australian financial institution
  • Telegraphic Transfers – Domestic and overseas funds transfers in Australian & foreign currencies
  • Transaction History - an online list of your transactions with a convenient search option
  • Transaction Download – download a file of transactions to your computer and import it into a number of popular accounting package formats
  • Order a Statement - order a copy of a previous statement
  • Order a Cheque Book - you can choose to collect your cheque book from a branch or have it mailed to you
  • Secure Email - contact us confidentially online for requests and advice
  • Account Notifications - you set a $ amount on your account and we notify you if your balance falls below or rises above this level
  • Online advice - need help or advice? Email one of our friendly staff by clicking here, or by using your Secure Email