Foreign exchange & money markets

It’s foreign exchange. But it’s bigger than that.

Foreign exchange isn’t just about having some local cash in your pocket when you travel. It’s bigger than that. It’s a range of solutions to help you transfer or carry cash safely and quickly overseas.

Bendigo Bank has the expertise and experience for all your travel and international payments, using more than 30 currencies.

Risk Management

Managing risk is a key component in any business situation. Adverse movements in the financial markets can have a significant impact on your business. That's why at Bendigo Financial Markets our Business Development Manager can provide our customers with the tools and solutions to help identify risks and then minimise the impact. If a business is impacted by movements in interest rates or exchange rates, we have a range of products to help manage this risk.

How Bendigo Financial Markets Can Help

With specialist dealers and Business Development Managers located in all capital cities, Financial Markets can provide:

Our specialists can also provide written and verbal commentary on the many domestic and offshore factors influencing market conditions. Importantly, transactions with Financial Markets are undertaken in conjunction with our local company and Community Bank® branches, ensuring the financial benefits of the business remain in the local community. Customers can choose to deal directly with Financial Markets or through the local branch. We will work with the company to help it manage risks that are visible now, and also those that may arise in the future. Our aim is to make business sustainable in the long run, no matter how markets fluctuate.

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