Trade finance

If your business involves the import and export of goods or services, Bendigo Bank can work with you to assist you to take full advantage of all your international business opportunities.

That means timely and reliable advice, a range of risk mitigation options, finance customised to your needs and, most importantly, a commitment to understanding your business.

Services available to your business

Import documentary letters of credit

If your import activities need support, Bendigo Bank can issue import letters of credit* in all major currencies and into most markets in the world, on either a sight or deferred payment basis.

Export documentary letters of credit

To help support your export activities, Bendigo Bank can advise and negotiate export letters of credit in all major currencies. Upon request, we can also confirm export letters of credit* issued by a wide range of banks, thereby protecting you from overseas bank and country risks.

Import and export documentary collections

You can rest easy knowing Bendigo Bank can offer you the protection of secure bank to bank transmission for your export and import documents to and from all major overseas markets.

Tender, bid and performance bonds and guarantees

Bendigo Bank can issue bonds and guarantees* in all major currencies in support of your contracts or, if you prefer, can facilitate the issuing of bonds and guarantees through nominated banks in most countries.

Foreign exchange

If you want assistance in managing your foreign currency exposure, Bendigo Bank can help you via spot and forward currency exchange contracts. We can also assist you in finding the most appropriate solution to your foreign exchange hedging requirements.

Import finance

To give your business greater flexibility, your payment obligations under import letters of credit, import documentary collections and open accounts can be refinanced* in all major currencies for periods of up to 180 days.

Export finance

Post shipment finance* is available against export letters of credit on a recourse or non-recourse basis and other specifically structured export financing facilities with and without the support of export credit insurance cover.

Telegraphic transfers and foreign currency drafts

Your international payment needs can be catered for in all major currencies, to and from most major international markets.

Interested? Let us talk to you in person

We'd be delighted to give you further information on all our products and services and to work with you on a solution for your business needs.

To get in touch with your nearest business banker call into your local branch or simply phone 1300 BENDIGO (1300 236 344).

* Subject to terms and conditions. Fees and charges apply. All loans are subject to Bendigo Bank's normal lending criteria.