Transaction and savings accounts

We have a number of specialised business accounts designed to provide flexibility and ease of use, including savings, transactions, offset and credit accounts.

Transaction Accounts

Business Solutions Account
Ideal if your business makes a high number of transactions.

Business Flexi Offset Account
Ideal if your business has a Bendigo Business Flexi Loan.

Business Account
Flexible and convenient for a broad range of businesses.

Specialty accounts for all business types

Club Account
A simple all-in-one account to support your club.

Emergency Services Account
For Australian Emergency Services.

Community Choice Partners Account
For businesses that have a formal relationship with Bendigo Bank.

Regulated Trust Accounts
For businesses that receive money on behalf of their clients and are required by law to hold this money in trust.

Savings Accounts

Business EasySaver Account
An account that gives you better rates for your savings, with at-call convenience.

Business CommunitySaver Account
This dual-purpose account helps you earn interest on your working capital while connecting you to a community minded organisation.