GoPos®Lite gives businesses the freedom to take card payments on the go.  Simply download the free app onto a smartphone or tablet and pair it to the GoPos®Lite  device. You can then process card transactions via your smartphone or tablet, providing your customers a professional level of service with a secure mobile payment solution.

GoPos®Lite is suited to various business types such as:

  • Retail (markets, queue busting, roaming checkout)
  • Hospitality Industry (Home Delivery, Pay at Table, Al fresco dining)
  • Home/Commercial Services (Tradespeople, Photographers)

Key Features

  • Connects to your smartphone or tablet via embedded Bluetooth technology
  • Accepts a wide range of cards
  • Overnight settlement of funds, 7 days a week to a Bendigo Bank account
  • All transactions automatically seek authorisation
  • Choose which network you communicate on (3G, 4G or wifi)
  • Pocket sized & lightweight
  • Your customer can choose to pay via Cheque, Savings or Credit

Key Benefits

  • Accept card payments with PIN entry for improved security and reduced risk.
  • Point-to-Point encryption for security.
  • SMS or email a receipt direct to your customer or print receipts to a printer connected to the host device.
  • Having the flexibility to accept card payments on the go allows you to attract a wider customer base who are not restricted by needing cash.