PlanBig has some big news

It's often said that great things happen when people with good ideas get together with people with great passion and that's what our PlanBig community was all about.

We also recognise that the world of optimism and endeavour and project realisation doesn't stand still and that people's expectations of the environment to achieve that in change and evolve as well. 

To that end we are currently working to evolve our online collaboration space to help you and your community realise your important plans. 

In order to do this we've got to batten down the hatches and focus, we'll need all the resources we can muster, so our beloved PlanBig is going in to hibernation for a while.

If you've got an active plan you've got until May 31st, 2015 to get your affairs in order on PlanBig.

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We talk a lot of great community stuff on there because working with communities in all their guises is part of our DNA, however just so there's no surprises for you, you  should be aware that there'll be banky stuff too.

If you're a PlanBig Member please see the section below 'what do I have to do if I'm a PlanBig member?'

PlanBig's achievements

We've made history together!
In the last four years 7,800 members with diverse skills from all walks of life and of all ages have come together and kicked off 130 successful plans, we couldn't forget:

  • Luke Owen's 'Bendigo for Homeless Youth' plan that raised $100,000 to write and record a charity single to raise funds to combat homeless youth
  • Ariuf Jubaer's successful plan to set up Daily Positive (D+), a wiki project to accumulate, store and publish positive news and information from countries around the globe
  • Danielle Snowdon's The Nerdy Birdy book that was developed in Victoria and printed to discourage bullying and encourage young people to be themselves
  • Any of Melissa Khalinsky's 15 plans including writing 30 pieces of flash fiction.

We've certainly made some wonderful friends and lasting connections along the way and we know that many of you have too.

From the bottom of our PlanBig heart we thank you for the amazing ride.

What do I have to do if I'm a PlanBig Member?

  • If you haven't finalised your plan, now's the best time to get cracking. Feel free to give us a'hoy if you need some advice. You can contact us by putting a message on your plan or email us at
  • Don't forget to make a copy of any of your plans and profile if you want to keep a record as they won't be available after May 31st, 2015
  • If you want to stay informed about the new platform and what Bendigo Bank's planning to do to make money do good things - don't forget to register your details with us here
  • You can also sign up to the bank's Facebook page to keep up to date.