Breaking down barriers for Australian students

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is committed to supporting youth through various initiatives, including our annual scholarship program. Each year scholarships are awarded to full-time first year undergraduates studying at an Australian university or college campus for the first time.

Our scholarship program makes a significant difference to these hard working and talented students by helping them cover some of the costs of living and studying at university

Meet our 2016 students

Kieran Walsh

FROM: Cairns, QLD
STUDYING: Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film and TV and New Media Production) at Queensland University of Technology
SUPPORTED BY: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

The past 12 months have been stressful for Kieran, his mother’s diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2014, followed by surgery, six months of chemotherapy and several weeks of radiation.

Kieran also stepped up to help his father take care of his severely autistic brother, all while completing year 12 with an ATAR of 95.5.

"The past 12 months has been difficult, but I was determined to do well in my senior year and pursue entry into creative industries.

"My aspiration is to be involved in the entertainment and creative industries in areas such as film, TV and radio production.

Elise Prior

FROM: Hamilton, SA
STUDYING: Bachelor of Psychological Science at University of Adelaide
SUPPORTED BY: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Hamilton is a four-hour round trip to Adelaide, making Elise's dreams of attending university difficult for her and her family.

Suffering from a chronic illness, the costs of relocating as well as the extra travel expenses for her mother to be her carer placed significant financial strain on Elise's family.

"Studying Psychology in year 11 and 12 ignited my passion to undertake further studies in this field.

"I passionately believe everyone deserves to value their self-worth and realise their full potential and helping just one person in this regard would be exceptionally gratifying.

"Because of the hurdles I've faced in my life, I believe I possess the qualities and skills that will assist me to become a successful psychologist.

Samuel McCormick

FROM: Golden Square, VIC
STUDYING: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Honours) (CSP Extended Rural Cohort) at Monash University
SUPPORTED BY: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Samuel has always been determined to be a doctor, but with changing circumstances in his family due to illness and his father being made redundant last year, the costs of an undergraduate medicine course were always going to be a challenge.

I have a very supportive family and peer network, but the shift to Melbourne will be socially and emotionally difficult.

"I am excited about the prospects that this field brings, such as the development of new treatments and methods as well as understanding the complexities of disease and infection.

"In addition, becoming a doctor will allow me to benefit the health, lifestyle and wellbeing of community members, which is a key motivation for this career choice.

"I believe regional and remote areas require a health professional who has an understanding and love of rural communities.

"I hope to also advocate for improvements in rural health outcomes.

Chloe Huismann

FROM: Mt Tarcoola, WA
STUDYING: Bachelors in Science at University of Western Australia
SUPPORTED BY: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Currently studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Western Australia, Chloe selected units that gave her the opportunity to major in biomedicine, physiology, pharmacology, pathology or human anatomy.

After achieving an ATAR of 96.20, her new goal is to study a post-graduate Doctor of Medicine at UWA to become a qualified doctor.

"I want to be a doctor as I am passionate about studying and learning, and a career in Medicine has plenty of opportunities for specialisation in many fields.

"Specifically, I want to research how diseases affect the body to eventually assist in finding cures for life threatening diseases.

"If I only help one person have another chance of life and more time with their families I will have succeeded in my goal.

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