Personalise your card

Personalised credit card with image of familyMake the cards you use every day a little bit more 'you'. Change the image on your debit, credit or EasyMoney card to one of your own choice. Upload your favourite photo or design or, if you'd like, choose one from our online gallery.  

  • Only $10 per card
  • Personalise one or all of your Bendigo Bank cards
  • Submit your request right here in just 5 minutes

Personalising your card is easy – the whole process takes about 5 minutes to complete. Then, within 10 days of email confirmation, you will receive your new card in the mail.

1         Choose your image, in accordance with our image guidelines

2         Select your card on the Start here tab on this page

3         Upload your image, position it, add customer details, submit

4         Wait and use – your new card will arrive within 10 days

Below you'll find additional information about personalising your card. Remember to check the image guidelines and terms and conditions before you get started.

  • Extra cardholders

    Additional cards linked to your account are not affected when you personalise your card. They are considered separately.

    • Additional card holders can personalise their card themselves by following the same process
    • Each card that is personalised is charged $10, debited from the primary account linked to the card
  • Reissued cards

    Your personalised card will retain its image – even if it needs to be replaced – until the card expires. At reissue, we will write to you asking if you'd like to keep the image, change it, or revert back to the Bendigo Bank design. Small charges apply in some cases.

    • If your card is lost, stolen or damaged, the replacement card will be issued with your personalised image for free
    • When your card expires, you can retain the personalised image on the reissued card for $5
    • You can revert to the Bendigo Bank design at reissue at no charge
    • You can change your card's image any time using the 'Personalise my card' service, for $10
  • Technology – computers, phones and tablets

    You can use your desktop computer to access the 'Personalise my card' service – most standard browsers are supported. If you have trouble, make sure you follow the tips outlined here.

    • If you're using Internet Explorer, you'll need Flash Version 9 or later
    • Enable cookies to use the service
    • To enable cookies on for iOS (iPhone, iPad), go to Settings > Safari > Block Cookies and select 'Always Allow'
    • To enable cookies on Android devices, go to Browser Menu > Settings > Privacy and security, and make sure 'Accept cookies' is on
    • You will need to ensure private browsing is turned off if using a mobile device
    • To turn off private browsing in iOS, open Safari then tap the squares in the right-hand corner to open a new tab; tap 'Private' to turn private browsing off
    • To turn off private browsing in Android devices, open your browser, select the menu in the top right of the screen, and select 'New tab'

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