Protect+Pay gives you complete control over your Bendigo Bank credit, debit and Easy Money cards - like temporarily blocking your card, or choosing when to allow certain transactions.

  • Key features

    • Temporarily block a misplaced card while you look for it and unblock it when you find it.
    • Block online transactions until you want to shop online.
    • Block overseas transactions when you are in Australia.
    • Block in store and ATM transactions until you plan to use your card.
    • Cancel a lost card and order a replacement.
    • Change your card Personal Identification Number (PIN).
    • View a quick balance.
    • Tap and pay using Android Pay on your mobile when shopping (available on compatible Android phones).
  • Key benefits

    • Added security by giving you more control over how your cards are used.
    • Controls are instant and can be changed at any time.
    • No need to visit or call the bank to report lost cards.
  • Setting up Protect+Pay

    1. Download Protect+Pay from the App store or Google Play. Available on Android phones running 4.4 and IOS 6 or later.
    2. Add your Bendigo Bank credit, debit or Easy Money cards.
    3. Verify your card details using either your e-banking login details or your card PIN.
    4. Set a passcode for Protect+Pay.
    5. You are now ready to apply your chosen card controls.
    6. Android users can also activate Android Pay for their credit and debit cards.
  • Security

    Protect+Pay uses secure technology to make sure your account details are always protected.

    Android Pay doesn’t send your actual credit or debit card number with your payment. Instead we use a virtual account number to represent your account information - so your card details stay safe.

    Find out more about Bendigo Bank card security.

  • Android Pay

    Verify your Bendigo Bank cards in Android Pay using Protect+Pay on Android phones. Once your cards are set up in Android Pay you can simply wake up your phone and tap on a shop’s contactless card reader to make a payment.

    Find out more

Find out more

Read our frequently asked questions to find out more about Protect+Pay.

View the Protect+Pay Terms of Use

Download Protect+Pay for free via the App Store or Google play store.

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