Bendigo SmartStart Super is issued by Sandhurst Trustees Limited.

Most of us don’t give it a lot of thought until we get close to retirement, but it will probably be the biggest asset we ever own.

Bendigo SmartStart Super is our low cost, simple, multi-award winning superannuation fund designed to help you grow your super.

Over the years it’s easy to end up with bits of superannuation all over the place. This can mean a waste of money on extra fees and also makes it hard to know how your super is performing.

We can help you combine your existing superannuation accounts and even help you find any lost super.

We’re happy to help you sort out your superannuation, making it easy to get it all into one great fund for the future.

Apply online or call us today on 1800 033 426 to get started.

Starting a new job is the perfect time to think about your superannuation and whether it’s working hard for you.

Most of us can choose where our employer pays our superannuation.  Over time it really makes a difference to choose a super fund that is high quality and low cost.

When you join Bendigo SmartStart Super we make it easy for you and your employer to start contributing right away.

We can also help you move any existing superannuation over to Bendigo SmartStart Super so you have your super all in one great fund.

Paying low fees can make a big difference to how much superannuation you’ll have at retirement.

Bendigo SmartStart Super has a low annual administration fee* of just $98 per year plus competitive investment and transaction costs.

Bendigo SmartStart Super was rated the second cheapest super fund anyone can join by in 2014.

Try the Fee Comparison Calculator to see how much you could save using Bendigo SmartStart Super.


The table below shows what annual fees a Bendigo MySuper member under 55 would pay with a balance of $50,000 in the Bendigo Growth Index Fund

Administration Fees $98 You will be charged $98 in administration fees.
Investment costs
0.45% p.a.
And you will be charged investment costs of $225. (50,000 x 0.45%)
Total Cost
If the account balance was $50,000, then you would be charged fees of:
$323** for Bendigo MySuper

* There are NO establishment, contribution/rollover, withdrawal, termination or investment switching fees

** Additional fees may apply. There is a calculator provided by ASIC on its MoneySmart website which can be used to calculate the effect of fees and costs on your account balance. Go to