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Last minute Father's Day ideas to make your dad's day

1 September 2020 | 3 min read
Uh oh. Did you forget about Father’s Day? No worries, you’re not the only one. And honestly, there’s enough going on in 2020 that your dad might have forgotten about it too!

But it’s not too late. We’ve got a few tips to make sure you give your dad something to smile about.

Pick up the phone

Obvious. Simple. And maybe the bare minimum.

If you live with your dad and can physically say hello, go for that.

However, for those in separate households, just picking up the phone and checking in will probably mean a lot more than you realise.

Of course, you could send an SMS. But let’s be frank, your dad will likely prefer a chinwag. If you both have the technology and the know-how, you could even level up to a video chat.

Have some goodies delivered

If seeing your dad in person isn’t possible this year, think about ordering them some food or drink to be delivered to their address.

There are several apps available on your smartphone. And with a few clicks you can have dinner, dessert, or even a bottle of wine dropped off at the front door.

Cheers to that!

Something to stream

All dads are different, but most enjoy watching a doco, some sport, a film, or a series.

So, why not sort out a subscription to a streaming service? There’s plenty out there that cater to all kinds of interests from cars to cooking, true crime to comedy.

Alternatively, if they’re more the audio type, a subscription to an audiobook, podcast or music service could be a good idea. Again, there’s plenty to choose from.

Check in

For most of us, 2020 has come up with some pretty challenging times.

And everyone – including fathers – have had to adapt how we live.

Ultimately, your dad will probably just appreciate hearing from you. And if a dad joke can get squeezed in, well, that’ll be a successful Father’s Day.

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