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Here are some frequently asked questions that will help provide answers during these uncertain times. These are updated regularly with the latest information. 

To read more about the support we are offering visit our COVID-19 personal page 

If you’re worried you might not be able to make your scheduled repayments on your home loan, personal loan or credit card, talk to us. We can help by reducing or deferring your repayments, restructuring your loan/s, waiving fees, and offering credit options for eligible customers.

Home loan customers have the option of deferring their repayments, with interest capitalised (meaning interest and fees will be added to your loan balance with either the term of the loan extended, or payments increased after the deferral period).

Based on your circumstances, you can defer your home loan repayments for an agreed time. If you choose to do this, interest and fees will still be added to your loan balance during that time.

Once the deferred period finishes, we’ll work with you on a plan to repay the amount you’ve deferred. This might involve increasing your minimum repayments for the deferred period, or extending the term of your loan.

As always, we’re here to help discuss your options and how they’ll affect you.

We will contact you to discuss your situation and whether you need more help. When your arrangement ends, the following options are available:

  • You can repay any outstanding repayment amount, if any
  • You can make a repayment plan to pay any outstanding arrears over an agreed period of time
  • We can recalculate the repayments of the loan
  • We can extend the term of your loan

A payment pause or deferral will not show as missed payments in your credit report. To learn more about your credit score and credit report visit CreditSmart.

If you find another job or return to your place of employment, we encourage you to contact us to discuss more suitable arrangements based on your changed circumstances.

You can generate your own Proof of Account within e-banking. It contains transaction and account information that’s often requested by third parties. View the short videos to see how easy it is to generate and download.

Proof of Account Bendigo Bank app
Proof of Account Bendigo Bank app
Proof of Account e-banking
Proof of Account e-banking

Yes. Customers are eligible for assistance/hardship arrangements even if they are ahead on their loan.

Yes. You can redraw any available funds on your loan at any time, even if you have an assistance/hardship arrangement with us.

We have recently increased our term deposit rates to provide customers with an attractive investment option in this historically low interest rate environment. The interests of our deposit customers were strongly considered as part of our recent pricing changes in this unprecedented environment.

We increased our five-month and 12-month term deposit rates by 25 basis points. The seven-month special term deposit rate has not changed.

Visit our COVID-19 personal help page for details.

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