Help for fire and flood impacted customers

Disaster relief support is available for customers affected by the fires in Tasmania and floods in North Queensland.
The package provides immediate practical help to customers who have been affected.

We’re partnering with the Salvation Army Disaster Relief Fund to assist those affected by the North Queensland floods.
All donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible.

Natural disaster assistance package

For existing Bendigo and Adelaide Bank's customers affected, we can look to assist you by:

  • Home Loan and Business Loan can apply for relief on loans for up to three months;
  • Credit Card customers can apply for an emergency credit card limit increase;
  • Discounted interest rates on new personal loans taken out by existing Bendigo Bank customers;
  • Waiver of interest rate reduction for early withdrawals from term deposits prior to maturity;
  • Internet banking tokens will not be replaced however customers will be updated to e-token;
  • No loan break costs for customers with a fixed rate who use an insurance payment to pay out their loan;
  • Existing customers with home and contents insurance through CGU Insurance may be able to claim for emergency funds and temporary accommodation costs.

Please contact your local branch manager or business banking manager to discuss your options.

Financial difficulty assistance

We understand that the impact of the fires and floods could affect you financially, that’s why we have a plan in place to help you out.

For more information:

Bendigo Bank customers call 1300 652 146 or visit Financial difficulty assistance.

Adelaide Bank customers call 1300 650 259 or visit Financial difficulty assistance.

Call Centre

Our Call Centre can be contacted on 1300 236 344


If you’re a Bendigo Bank Insurance customer with a fire and water damaged home, rental building, car, business or other property please get in touch with us. We can help you make a claim or offer advice.

If your policy is through CGU Insurance:

  • Please call 13 24 80 - 24 hours a day, seven days a week

If your policy is through another provider with Bendigo Bank insurance:

Rural Bank customers

A range of disaster assistance measures are available to our agri-business customers.

We are contacting customers to see what assistance we can provide but encourage customers to connect with their relationship manager if they have urgent needs.

More information about disaster assistance for Rural Bank customers is available here.

Branch Closures

Update: 11 February 2019 11:30am

With the onset of heavy rainfall in North Queensland, the following branch remains closed:

  • Fairfield