Community Initiatives

Youth Foundation

Laverton Youth Foundation is an initiative of Hobsons Bay Community Financial Services Ltd, represented by Altona Community Bank® and Laverton & Altona Meadows Community Bank® branches.

The project is proudly supported by Laverton Community Integrated Services Inc.

Our aim is to help local young people make real differences in the Hobsons Bay community. We look to increase the amount of opportunities available for them to become actively involved.

Providing young people with opportunities to show leadership and initiative encourages them to think about the needs of youth in our area.

This is achieved by providing funding for youth-led, and focused, philanthropic activities. Growing connections for young people within our local community is key.

Our guiding principals

  • To develop and manage funds to support youth philanthropy;
  • To develop resources to support the adoption and delivery of youth philanthropic activities;
  • To develop young people’s leadership, planning and management skills, and decision making roles in our community;
  • To support local youth-led/youth-based strengthening projects;
  • To promote youth and assist communities to view young people in a more positive light;
  • To reduce barriers for participation;
  • Engage a diverse group of youth in opportunities which embrace connections with our community.

If you are a young person who resides, works or plays in the Hobsons Bay community and have a project idea, please contact:

Katie Mochan (Youth Facilitator)

Michael Pernar