Beaches Outreach Project receives funding for Cyberbullying Project

The Beaches Outreach Project is a local NFP that has been running for 40 years to provide a service for young people in the Eastern Suburbs. Its purpose is to provide free transport home for young people out and about on a Friday night by removing the risks of them being out late at night by getting them home safely. The service also provides ad hoc and structured counselling services to these young people and their families where needed.

Youth Worker Paul Kelly mans the service between 8pm – 4am every Friday night and drives around the key congregation points for young people covering the large area from Coogee and Heffron Park, Maroubra to Bondi. He is at the forefront of these potentially dangerous situation and has experienced firsthand the aftermath of young people being out late at night in parks and beaches. In his role as both BOP driver and counsellor, he identified the devastating effects of the rising phenomenon of cyberbullying.

This is where our Clovelly Community Bank® branch have stepped in to provide $7,500 in funding for a 12 month cyberbullying project. This will provide 6 hours of weekly counselling services to those identified as being most in need of help. Both perpetrators and victims of cyberbullying will receive counselling, with different strategies being put in place to reduce the overall effects of what can result in devastating consequences.

Our  local Community Bank® gives up to 80% of its profits back to the community and has provided funding to support the BOP service for a number of years. They have also recently awarded a grant for $48,500 to provide the first years rent to the Bayside Women’s Shelter.

If you know of any young people who would benefit from this free late night service to get them home safely, please urge them to save the BOP number for when they may need it 0408 567 010.

Pictured: Nicola Powell and Pete Swan from Clovelly Community Bank with Paul Kelly , BOP youth worker and counsellor.