e-statement FAQs

What are e-statements?

An online version of your statement accessed via e-banking.

How can I access my e-statements?

From the e-banking 'Accounts' screen, select the preferred account, then select ‘Statements’.

How do I stop receiving paper statements in the mail using e-banking?

Switch multiple accounts: On the 'Accounts' screen, tap the 'Accounts Settings' icon (top right). Select 'Edit statement preferences', select the accounts you wish to receive e-statements, provide an email address and 'Save'. Accounts already receiving e-statements are automatically selected.

Switch a single account: On the 'Accounts' screen, tap your preferred account. Tap the 'Account Settings' icon (top right) and select ‘Statement Preferences’. Tap 'Go Paperless', provide an email address and 'Save changes'.

Will I automatically receive e-statements?

Yes they are available within e-banking.

Can I receive both email notification and paper statements at the same time?

You must select to receive either email notifications or paper statements.

Can an e-statement be produced for a closed account?

Please contact us to arrange a statement for your closed account.

How far back can I view a copy of a statement?

You can retrieve e-statements using e-banking for up to 7 years.*

Can I change the statement frequency using e-banking?

Please contact us to change your statement frequency.

Can I opt-out of paper statements if I do not provide an email address?

An email address must be provided to enable you to opt-out of paper statements. This email address is used to notify you when you have a new e-statement available for viewing via e-banking.

Can a statement be saved and viewed as a PDF?

Yes, you can view and save each statement as a PDF.

*Historical statements will continue to build up for up to 7 years, the earliest stored date being 2011. If you require statements earlier than this date, please contact your local branch, call 1300 236 344 or send a request by selecting ‘Support’ then ‘Messages’ within e-banking.