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Welcome to the Bendigo Bank business banking hub. Here you’ll find information to help you plan, manage, and grow your business.

It’s also an easy way for you to connect with us and learn more about all the ways we can support you to achieve your business goals. We’re very proud of our partnerships with businesses right across Australia.

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Tools & Calculators

Business plan builder

Creating your own business plan doesn’t have to be difficult – you just need to set aside some time to work through the various elements. Try our business plan builder today.

Cash flow improvement calculator

Understanding your cash flow can assist with business planning and help you assess and improve your business.

Business loan repayment calculator

Thinking about borrowing funds for your business or looking to refinance? Our business loan repayments calculator can help you estimate how much your loan repayments might be.

Equipment Finance calculator

Use our equipment loan repayment calculator to discover what your repayments may be and how much it could cost over the life of the loan.

Savings and deposits calculator

Use our deposit and savings calculator to forecast the return on your term deposit or cash investment.

Hear from our customers

Everyday we support our customers to reach their goals.

Hear from Marty, the owner of Moo's at Meeniyan on how we enable him to focus on what's important - running his restaurant.

Heidi, from Norsafe in Manunda, Qld, shares how we helped support her to grow her business. Purchasing additional vehicles for new technicians helped her double the jobs she was able to complete.

Your business matters to us.

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Moo's at Meeniyan testimonial

Bendigo Bank I see as my little big bank. It's big in the respect that it competes with the big banks and offers all those services, but it's my little local bank. I can just go around the corner and they'll look after me.

My name is Marty. I have a restaurant here in Meeniyan called Moo's. I've been in hospitality all my life. It's always been my passion to make people feel happy and special.

Bendigo Bank has made me feel that my business matters by being a customer. I think that's really important. We like to support people who support us and vice versa, but also Bendigo Bank are always there for me when I need them. That's the most important thing. It's quite refreshing to know that I've got them just around the corner. The community here have been so generous. We've had fundraisers throughout the years. Everybody has been so welcoming and the community have totally supported me. I'm lucky that I do something that I love, a business that can help not only sustain my life, but and can help others. And I feel very blessed that I'm able to help out. And Bendigo Bank have helped do that.

My business-wise, I have an everyday business trading account and the loan on the building of the restaurant. And then I have also my home and investment property and a personal bank account as well. They all package in really well together. It's really quite intuitive. I can transfer and it makes it really easy for me amongst all the different accounts. I'm very glad that I opened my Bendigo bank account. When I started the business, they really did help me from the word go setting up a business, which was all foreign to me because I hadn't owned a business before. So basically from there, business really kickoff really quite well. Without having a bank like Bendigo Bank, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to grow my business. And I feel as though I can really rely on Bendigo Bank.

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Norsafe testimonial

What sets Bendigo Bank apart is how they make you feel. The fact that we actually matter, and that our business is important, and they can see the opportunities that we can present to the community, and I'm really thankful for that.

I'm Heidi Jonsson, the Founder and Director of Norsafe. We specialize in electrical safety testing. I've got an amazing team of people that help us execute this very important work. Proud to say that we've removed thousands of unsafe electrical items from workplaces.

My little brother was killed on the farm when we were kids. I saw the damage that it did to our family and it was a tragedy that has never left. I don't want other people's families to go through the same hurt that we did. Yeah, so I get up every day loving what we do, because I know we get the opportunity to save someone's life.

10 years ago, I was driving around the Cape on my own in a ute, in all these remote communities, trying to grow little bit by a little bit, and it did take a long time. The assistance that Bendigo Bank gave me in one transaction has helped me double the business out of sight. Really quick growth that I couldn't have done without Bendigo Bank.

The loan helped me with the acquisition of my competitor's business, because I didn't have to put any money down, and the equity from this property purchased the business. It actually freed us up with a lot of other expenses that you would normally have, like the additional wages that we required, we purchased a couple of new vehicles for the new technicians, and if I had had to put a deposit down, it would've been almost unobtainable.

I'm deeply proud of the fact that most of our team members are women. It's no secret that the electrical trade is very heavily male dominated. I think it's important that we are visible. We literally are proof that it doesn't matter what gender you are, you can work in this trade. What would I say to business owners that don't bank with Bendigo? I think you should just do it. Pick up the phone today. These guys are amazing. They've just helped me double my business overnight. Bendigo Bank has literally made my dreams come true.

Business insights

Economic overview

Our monthly economic and market overview summarises the primary features of global markets. It covers the latest news and views on the domestic economy and interest rates. The report focuses on factors that will influence the economic environment in which local businesses operate.

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Market update with David Robertson

More progress on inflation and confidence in a relatively soft landing, but still a complicated year ahead. Our latest thoughts for the domestic economy and financial markets.

The first RBA meeting for 2024 went to script with no change to interest rates, as forecast and the messaging matched our expectations of no further rate hikes, but the need for patience before the RBA can be expected to cut rates.

This was the first policy meeting with the new format including a press conference, and Governor Michele Bullock spoke candidly about the need to remain vigilant on inflation. This should be interpreted mainly as a warning that rate cuts will be after inflation is tamed, not just on the hope that it might; but recent CPI data has been encouraging.

Core inflation fell to 4.2% by year-end, only 0.1% below our forecast, but 0.3% below the RBA’s estimate with pleasing progress on goods price inflation, but as the chart shows still a slow path to the target range. We expect core inflation to be back at 3% by year-end, but before the RBA can cut rates, they’ll need to be convinced not only that we dip below there, but that CPI will stay in the band. There are a few factors that will challenge this:

  • High services inflation is still elevated by tight labour markets and poor productivity levels
  • Geopolitical tensions around the world risk renewed supply chain disruptions, and
  • The stage 3 tax cuts (while an important step in the urgent need for tax reform) will add fiscal stimulus at the same time that monetary policy is trying to constrain demand

So while the market is pricing in rate cuts by September, we’re still suggesting they are realistically more likely to start in early 2025.

One of the challenges with forecasting last year was the much larger rise in net migration than expected, and this year that remains a source of uncertainty, especially for its impact on our labour markets and property prices. The December jobs data showed unemployment still below 4%, which is one of the lowest amongst advanced economies, and while we are forecasting a rising unemployment rate, anything below 5% does suggest a soft landing.

Financial markets are also pricing in a soft landing in the US (partly due to strength in their labour markets) taking stock markets to a record high, but keeping us guessing when the US Federal Reserve will start to cut their official rates, most likely in May.

So, we start 2024 with; equity prices at record highs buoyed by the thought of soft landings, rate cuts ahead and an expected boom via Artificial Intelligence, as well as record highs in Australia for property prices, albeit mainly driven by population growth outpacing supply.

For central banks, the combination of these aggressive valuations together with resilient labour markets may see less urgency to cut rates even as inflation falls, but we will need to see how demand for jobs holds up as the economy slows, and how obediently inflation continues to fall. 

The next RBA decision isn’t until March 19th when rates will again be on hold, but ahead of that the key data points will be: labour force numbers for January, out on February 15th and the monthly CPI indicator out on the 28th. Market consensus is for benign inflation, a soft landing with low unemployment and rate cuts by September, but this narrow path will need a lot to go right to deliver cuts so soon.

And that’s the market update from Bendigo Bank.

Economic commentary

Updates on economic and international trends from our Head of Economic and Markets Research, David Robertson.

Impact of inflation and interest rates on businesses

The pandemic era of 2020 to 2022 delivered countless challenges to everyone, some of which are now behind us. But, in its wake, we are left with a unique environment.

2022 federal election impact

Read about how the federal election result may impact the economy and the potential flow-on effects for your business.

The Federal Budget - a snapshot review

Budget deficits are the new normal, but the 22/23 Budget shows an improving debt profile - even with plenty of short term support for rising living costs

Fear and Greed Podcast – What will Australia look like in 2060?

David speaks to Sean Aylmer, presenter of the Fear and Greed podcast, about the Federal Government's recent Intergenerational Report. They cover future economic projections and how demographic, technological and other trends may impact the future of Australia.

Shaping the COVID recovery

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Lateral thinking around our recovery will be required. 

The Silver (Gold-wrapped) Economic Linings

How record gold prices, low interest rates and low inflation can help the COVID recovery.


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