University Blacks Football Club

Melbourne University Blacks Football Club is the third-oldest Australian Rules club. To support its efforts to succeed in the competitive Victorian Amateur Football Association, the club relies on sponsorships and a strong connection with its past-player alumni.

Nearly 10 years ago, former club chairman Ray Wilson saw an opportunity for a sponsorship deal that could be mutually beneficial to the club and Private Banking Services (PBS).

Since then, the Uni Blacks have used their network of supporters, which includes current and former players, to grow the PBS relationship.

Consequently, any business PBS gains through the Uni Blacks network results in the bank's making a financial contribution to the footy club – the greater the level of business, the better the rewards for the club.

Rod Styles works as a relationship executive for PBS. In overseeing the development of the Uni Blacks relationship, Rod has created an extremely beneficial arrangement for the footy club.

In keeping with PBS's promise of a genuine connection between banker and client, Rod is the ongoing contact for any client whom the Uni Blacks refer.

The Uni Blacks have been a great partner for PBS, and the bank has enjoyed watching the club prosper. The breadth of the PBS offering enables our bankers to help club members achieve various financial goals. PBS has offered guidance to a wide range of players, from younger current or past players looking to buy their first home to established past players with business-banking, investment and personal-banking needs.

PBS also works with other university and old-scholar clubs to provide genuine one-on-one banking services.

Nick Carah, CEO of PBS and chairman of Uni Blacks comments:

'The relationship between the University Blacks and PBS has created a genuine win-win situation. Building trust over several years has been vital to the partnership's success. The club has recommended PBS within its community, and PBS has consistently delivering good outcomes for these referred clients. The partnership has now become self-fulfilling – existing satisfied bank clients are referring most of the new opportunities from the club.'