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Family finance podcast

Make it count with Too Peas

If you want to be empowered to have financial conversations at home, our new podcast if for you. Make it Count with Too Peas is a family finance podcast presented by us, Bendigo Bank.

Kate and Mandy from Too Peas in a Podcast join us to break down family finances for parents. We discuss everything from pocket money to growing pains and share practical ways to ensure your family is looked after now and in the future.

Available on your favourite podcast app or listen to each episode below.

Kate and Mandy from Too Peas in a Pod sitting at kitchen table having coffee.

Meet the Too Peas

Kate and Mandy are both mothers. They have loving and beautiful families and a big part of their story is that they’re mothers of children with disabilities. Financially, this adds another layer to their lives.

Having a better understanding of finance is important because, like all parents, they want the best for their families.

So join us alongside Kate and Mandy as we discover more about family finances and look to make it count.

Growing pains

As our family grows, how do we manage increasing family costs? How do you afford to upsize? And what new budgeting considerations do you have to make?

Kate & Mandy sit down with our economist, David Robertson to break down the financial impacts of a growing family. From financial decisions around interest rates and the housing market, to the impacts of Covid on family life, David gives you the tools and insights you need to adapt to the financial needs of your family as it grows.

We’re also joined by our home loan expert (and mother of seven!) Amanda as they chat through what we should consider as we welcome new additions into our family.

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Things you should know

As always these episodes contain general information only and don’t take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs.

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