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Make it count with Too Peas in a Podcast

8 November 2021

We want to inspire Australian families to take control of their finances. Because we want you to live the life you want, without the burden of financial pressures.

So, we’ve created Make it Count. A family finance podcast that empowers families to have financial conversations at home.

And we’ve asked our customers, Kate and Mandy from Too Peas in a Podcast to join us.

We chat through everything from pocket money to growing pains. And share practical ways to ensure your family is looked after now and into the future.

Say hello to Kate and Mandy

Kate and Mandy describe themselves as average, middle aged mums and business owners who host a beautiful podcast. Together, they’ve created the successful podcast series, Too Peas in a Podcast. They've grown a community of devoted followers who share life’s ups and downs.

“The people in the Pea tribe are authentic, kind and supportive. They know what it’s like to be lonely and isolated. Providing that sense of community means they are grateful and loving to us and everyone in it” said Mandy.

“Hands down it is the kindest, most accepting community on earth. There is such joy for all the little milestones our kids achieve, endless support, love and laughter. The too peas tribe have thrown judgement away and it brings pure joy” added Kate.

A big part of Kate and Mandy's story is that they are mothers of children living with disability.

"We are both mothers. We have loving, beautiful, messy, chaotic, awesome families. But a big part of our story is that we are mothers of children with disabilities. And as you can imagine, financially, this really adds an extra layer to our lives" Kate said.

Let’s talk money

Talking about money can sometimes taboo amongst family and friends. But we want to encourage people to feel empowered to have the conversations they need to make financial decisions.

So how do Kate and Mandy broach the subject of money with their kids at home?

“I talk about it openly in terms of the day to day practicality, we can afford this, we can’t afford that right now, we are saving for this” Mandy said.

“Honestly and openly, we have months where we are very tight financially, so we explain that, when they ask for something or to go somewhere. The older kids we really encourage to save, and proudly they listen and save. What a miracle!” Kate added.

Financial goals

Saving can feel like a constant uphill battle but it really shouldn’t have to feel like such a challenge.

So what are the big ticket items Kate and Mandy are saving for?

“We are both paying off our houses, so we did save for a mortgage. I saved to take the family to Disneyland, we had a white Christmas in Canada, saved for years! And it was the highlight of my life” Kate said.

Make it Count

Make it count is a six part episode series and Kate and Mandy are joined by industry experts along the way. They share real life, honest examples, and chat what through some of the challenges their families face.

“Families of children with disabilities face daily challenges with money. The role of parent and carer can mean a disruption to earning money and that can put enormous pressures on families” Mandy said.

“I hope they can hear that Kate and I are just your average women. We want to learn too and that we make financial mistakes, but want to do much better” she added.

Make it count with Too Peas in a Podcast is available on your favourite podcast app or listen online now.

This article contains general advice only. Readers should seek a trusted professional's advice on financial matters.

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