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The life coach podcast

Meet your new life coach

Hosted by accountant-turned-comedian Suren Jayemanne and presented by Bendigo Bank.

The Life Coach Podcast will guide you through a bunch of real world, practical tips from our in-house finance experts.

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The dollary doo's and don'ts of saving

Saving money is like eating kale – we know it’s good for us but we’d much rather just buy chippies instead.

This week, we chat with Bendigo Bank expert, Aggie Poliafico on the do’s and don’ts of saving. Plus how to save money and live a life by setting achievable goals and wins – even on a low wage and in the worst economy since the Jurassic era.

Red debt redemption (the good, the bad, and the fugly)

Are you honest about your debt? If you cried at this question, join the club! The first I was lying, now I am crying club.

Or instead, listen as we break down the honest truths on debt and how to manage it in all forms. Economist, David Robertson explains good vs bad debt and how it’s possible to make your debt work for you. So don’t cut up your credit card just yet and please stop crying, our club room is too small for a new member.

A wolf in cheap clothing - investing for everyone

This episode, Wadzanai Nenzou gives a key investing master class and answers all the important questions – How much should we earn before we can invest? What is an ETF? What about ethical investing? And why are squirrels such good investors? Should we be saving nuts? We’ll answer all and more (and no, please leave the nuts to the squirrels – they’re very cute and hungry).

Mind on my money and money on my mind

They’re the age old questions, 'nature or nurture?' and 'why don’t I have any money?!'.

Turns out understanding the first question goes a long way towards answering the second (hint: it could be your upbringing or it could be you buried it under a beautiful oak tree).

In this episode, psych expert Dee Monaghan helps us explore the different approaches to money and how this can be determined by someone’s upbringing and also how to navigate our way out of bad habits that could potentially be holding us back from being the best version of ourselves.

Give me a home amongst the avo trees - how to buy a home

Geez, we could really do with a house please. A house white! All this property talk’s got us parched...

In this episode lending expert, Matt Phelps helps us break down the whole mortgage and borrowing process (in layman’s terms) and we discuss some real, feasible examples of how to buy your first home (without even having to come up with ideas for an app!).

The world is ending so why do I need money? Our COVID guide.

Seeking financial advice for the end of days might seem a bit extra – well it is, but the world is not about to end. In fact, some industries will go through a post pandemic boom with others are already booming now.

In this episode, David Robertson assures us the future is brighter than you think, and we cover how to be prepared for anything, working within the gig economy and dealing with mental health - and your overbearing mum who calls five times a day (sorry mum, we’re busy – we love you).
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