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Light Up Mansfield

23 November 2020 |Community news

Light Up Mansfield

On Tuesday November 24, the trees in the High Street median strip will be transformed by the beautiful glow of 80,000 solar led fairy lights. “Light Up Mansfield” is brought to you by Community Bank Mansfield & District customers. It is part of the Community Bank’s new Recovery and Resilience program.

2020 has been a tough year for our community. Through fire, drought and a worldwide pandemic, the resilience of our community has been tested. Great strength has been revealed and much gratitude offered.

“The events of 2020 have defined and emphasised how important local community is,” said Mansfield & District Community Enterprise Board Director, Haley Tudor-Harrop.

“It has made the importance of local connections between both individuals and businesses crystal clear.

I’m sure I speak on behalf of all Community Bank Mansfield & District customers when I say this year has demonstrated the benefits of locals supporting locals in a very practical way”.

Community Bank Mansfield & District customer Jon Gifford agrees,

“In the past I’m not sure people knew what being a part of a local community actually meant”, Jan observed.

“2020 has made it clear that supporting each other in a small community is about recognising how much we actually rely on each other. The events of this year have shown that residents of our community are willing to pull together to make sure we get through this as best we can”.

Haley noted that Light Up Mansfield is happening as a direct result of the Bendigo Bank Community Bank model.

“The model enables a good part of the bank’s fees and charges to be retained and channelled straight back into the Mansfield & District community”.

Customers who bank with the Community Bank can be proud of their community contribution. Since opening in 2007, Community Bank Mansfield & District have contributed over $612,000 to the local community.

Chair of Mansfield & District Community Enterprise David Mayne says a successful and resilient Community Bank is about more than dollars and cents. “Light Up Mansfield will be a great reminder of this”, he said.

The Light-Up Mansfield project will use local businesses for installation and maintenance. It will remain as a permanent light fixture well after the festive season, continuing to add to the beauty of Mansfield’s evening atmosphere.

Mansfield Shire recognises the extensive benefits of the project. It acknowledges that the local community, including local business, tourists and non-resident rate payers will all benefit by sharing in something beautiful.

It is hoped that the project will instil a sense of awe and delight in the children of our town and engage their imaginations. It will continue to support a sense of belonging, helping our community to recover from what has been an isolating and challenging year for so many.

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