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Frequently asked questions

When can I expect funds to settle to my bank account?

Next day settlement is provided if your nominated settlement bank account is with Bendigo Bank, 7 days a week5.

If your account is with another financial institution, the settlement will take two days or more, depending on your financial institution.

Who do I call if I am having issues with settlement?

If you are a Bendigo Bank powered by Tyro customer call 1300 108 976 or email

If you have EFTPOS or eCommerce provided directly by Bendigo Bank call 1300 720 356 or email our Merchant Operations team .

Why are signatures required for an offline transaction?

This is an industry requirement as an offline transaction is taken at the business's own risk, as it has not sought authorisation from the issuer.

Why would I choose integrated EFTPOS over standalone EFTPOS?

Integrated EFTPOS is now becoming a popular option for businesses in Australia. This is because it allows you to serve customers faster and streamlines reconciliation.

What are Point Of Sale systems and what can they be used for?

Point Of Sale (POS) is the point at which money – cash or card – changes hands in a physical or online store.

How do POS systems work?

A modern POS system streamlines the sales process. It can be used to track sales, inventory levels, gross revenue, profits, trends and more. The data a POS captures can prove very useful in forecasting future growth.

POS systems can also be used for customer management, helping you record customer details and guiding your marketing efforts.

Choosing a POS system

There are plenty of options out there. In choosing a POS system for your business, look for things like:

  1. Compatibility with existing apps and hardware
  2. Features that suit your business
  3. Ease of use, both for your staff and customers
  4. Customer support
  5. Integration with your EFTPOS machine

If you need help choosing, you can use the POS recommendation tool.


Does my POS integrate with Bendigo Bank EFTPOS powered by Tyro machine?

Tyro integrates with 300+ POS/PMS systems across a diversity of industries and functional needs and are always adding to the POS integration list.

How to find your POS or PMS

Search the complete Tyro POS/PMS Partners Integration list on the POS partner page.

What are Tyro’s Merchant Service Fees?

Tyro has a very simple Merchant Service Fee structure. Fees usually consider your current or expected annual card turnover and card mix. Joining Tyro comes with no hidden surprises and the Sales team will walk you through all the details and the various pricing structures that suit your business best. There is no set-up fee, no lock-in contract, and there are no cancellation fees.

How flexible is my contract with Tyro?

At Tyro, there is no lock-in contract, no set-up fees, no cancellation fees and no break or exit fees. All you pay is your merchant services fees and EFTPOS machine rental. This means you can test Tyro’s solution and make sure it works for your business.

How does Bendigo Bank EFTPOS powered by Tyro work with Medicare Easyclaim?

Where the Practice Management Software support the integration with Tyro, Tyro and Medicare Easyclaim work together to help patients pay for health services and receive Medicare rebates on-the-spot.

If the patient pays the full consultation fee – you can use the EFTPOS machine to pay the Medicare rebate into the patient’s account.

If a patient is bulk billed – you can use Tyro to submit the claim to Medicare straight away. The rebate is paid the following business day in a lump sum with all other approved claims.

What payment types are accepted?

Major debit and credit card types are accepted, including Visa, Mastercard, eftpos, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, and UnionPay. Another payment method accepted is Alipay. Additionally, the EFTPOS machines accept digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay as long as an accepted card type is loaded onto the digital wallet.

For American Express and JCB, if eligible, you can choose Tyro to settle these schemes. Otherwise, simply provide your existing American Express merchant number and your settlements will deposit into the bank accounts you have registered with them. For more information on the direct settlement option for American Express and JCB, please call the Customer Support team on 1300 108 976.

For Diners Club, simply provide your existing merchant number and settlement will continue into the bank account you have registered with them.

What is Tap and Save?

Tyro Tap and Save1 is ‘least-cost routing’, otherwise known as ‘lowest-cost routing’, ‘low-cost routing’, ‘merchant routing’ or ‘smart routing’. It is when eligible Tap & Go debit card transactions are processed through the cheapest network, providing you with a lower acquiring cost.

Where can I get additional paper rolls for my EFTPOS machine?

You can order paper rolls by contacting Tyro customer support.

Things you should know

1Tyro does not guarantee any cost savings by opting in for Tap & Save. Savings on eligible transactions processed through the cheapest network vary for each business depending on their card mix, transaction volume and amount, industry, and pricing plan. Eligible transactions are contactless debit card transactions less than $1,000. Tap & Save is not available on Special Offer pricing which includes some flat fee simple pricing offers or where you surcharge on debit card transactions as cost savings may not be realised. For details refer to or call 1300 108 976.

5 Next day settlements are only available where settlement funds are deposited into the Bendigo Bank account. Applies to Tyro settled funds only - excludes funds settled directly by Afterpay, American Express, JCB and Diners Club.

Bendigo Bank EFTPOS and eCommerce powered by Tyro is issued by Tyro Payments Limited ACN 103 575 042 AFSL 471951. Bendigo Bank bank accounts are issued by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ABN 11 068 049 178 AFSL/ACL 237879.

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