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New sandbagging machine to boost Logan's defences

10 March 2023

It's twelve months since the devastating February floods at Beenleigh. Logan community’s flood defences have now been strengthened by a mobile sandbagging machine.

Community Bank branches in Beenleigh, Brown Plains, Loganholme and Springwood identified the need. Bendigo Bank's Community Enterprise Foundation came on board - and a $37,000 grant has been made available by Bendigo Bank's Qld Flood Appeal.

The machine speeds up the sand bagging process and alleviates an otherwise strenuous task for volunteers. The machine can easily be transported, which proves helpful if disaster strikes in surrounding regions.

This project has been made possible by the community collaborating and working together. The sandbagging machine will be gifted to the Beenleigh SES and Logan City Council. It will assist volunteers defending our communities against future flood events.

"12 months on from the Beenleigh floods and it’s important we prepare and strengthen the community for future events. The mobile sandbagging machine will enable the community to quickly deploy volunteers to form our first line of defence."

- Karen Murphy, Councillor, Logan City Council (Division 12).

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Community Bank Logan - Bagger Donation
Community Bank Logan - Bagger Donation

Kate Wakeling speaking:

Welcome everybody.

I’m Kate Wakeling the very proud CEO of Community Bank Logan. So we are here today to handover this magnificent asset to the Logan Community.

Councillor Karen Murphy speaking:

What a story this has been.

We are 12 months on from the floods and having a conversation with Kate one night at a networking function we were talking about sandbagging and she has taken this idea away and got some funding together. And was able to work with a local business here in Logan, to be able to create this machinery here that will go back into the area.

And to the wonderful Rotary crew who have stepped up to take on this project I can’t thank you enough.

This is a really really special moment, this doesn’t normally happen

But for Bendigo Bank to give back to their community like they do through their banking programs is absolutely outstanding and we can’t thank them enough, and thank you also to Rotary and the company who built this

So thank you very much and I’ll hand back to Kate

Kate Wakeling speaking:

Thank you Karen

So now I’d like to hand over to Jason Luckhardt who’s the chairman of Community Bank Logan – so over to you Jase.

Jason Luckhardt speaking:

Thanks Kate

So the question for us is how do we actually facilitate this and that’s where our wonderful partners at Rotary come into play we have had a great relationship with Rotary over many years in fact approaching two decades now – how dare I suggest and having someone who has that donation gift recipient status that was a key element for us to meet our criteria so we were able to fulfil that need, produce the money, produce the equipment and get it over to them
so thank you very much for all of that and I’ll hand back to Kate.

Kate Wakeling speaking:

(Well done Jase)

Now I’d like to hand over to Jenee Hong who is the President of the Rotary Club of Beenleigh.

Janee Hong speaking:

As she said I am Janee Hong and the very very proud President of the Rotary Club of Beenleigh it’s fabulous that we partner with the wonderful people at the Bendigo Bank Kate and Jason at the Community Bank we are all about working together and doing what is best for our community and really this asset is going to be so important as a part of that and to take this wonderful piece of equipment I really would like to thank Peter and the team at JPH equipment this is a fabulous piece of equipment that is going to mean so much to our people. Thank you very much

Thanks guys

Kate Wakeling speaking:

Thank you Janee
When this project came to life when I met Councillor Murphy, and I drove away that night reflecting on, if I was a resident in Logan and I was told that I could only get 15 sandbags, it just really emotionally got me so that’s how this project started I rang up the CEO of our Community Enterprise Foundation and said do we have some money left I need to buy a Sandbagging machine – how much do you need Kate – I don’t know – so what I did – I googled it an up popped JPH equipment first and there is a mobile number and I ring the number and Peter Hanson answers.

So I’d like to introduce you to Peter Hanson who is the Sales Manager for JPH equipment.

Peter Hanson speaking:

Jason, I’d like you to present the key to Janee.

Jason Luckhardt speaking: 

Thank you very much Jenee test drive time.

Janee Hong speaking:

Thank you Jason and thank you Kate we really do appreciate this
So let’s see how we go.

Alright Councillor Murphy!

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