Sarina Men's Shed

Every bloke needs a shed and the Sarina Men's Shed is one of our community's valued resources.

Men's Sheds were established as part of a vital health infrastructure that supports programs to improve men's health and wellbeing. 

Recently the shed benefited from $15,000 funding boost that will see a much needed renovation transformation - thanks to collaboration with our local Council who kindly donated the land where the shed stands.

This funding forms part of the $86,000 that our board has contributed overall to ensure the ongoing sustainability and utilisation of the shed for the local community.

And who better to do the transformation than the members themselves.

This communal gathering area provides a much needed support network.

Not only do local blokes have a place where they can relax and have a cuppa with mates, they can get their hands dirty in the workshop.

In our community, everyone is somehow touched by the tremendous value of the Shed.

The culmination of more than three years hard work to get the Shed up and running was made possible because we worked together, and here at our Community Bank® Branch community collaboration is something we take seriously.

At the end of the day it's our shared values that get us there.

Patrice Willoughby 

Sarina Community Bank® Branch