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What is PayID? What PayID types can be used? What are the benefits of PayID? Will PayID replace BSBs and account numbers? Who can create a PayID? Is PayID secure? What happens if I lock my PayID? Can I transfer my PayID to a Bendigo Bank account from another financial institution? What if I don't like my PayID name? Do you have to be registered for e-banking to create a PayID? What happens if the PayID I want to use is already registered by someone else? Why might an account not be visible when creating a PayID in e-banking? What should I do if I don't receive the six digit verification code when creating a PayID? Can a PayID be created on a term deposit account? Is it safe to share my PayID? What happens if I lose my mobile phone and that number was also my PayID? Do I need a PayID to make a fast payment? When using a PayID, how do I know I'm paying the right person? Can one PayID be linked to more than one account?  Can I have multiple PayIDs? Can a PayID be used to withdraw money from an account? Can a PayID be used to make or receive overseas payments? Who can make fast payments? Who can receive fast payments? How safe and secure is this? Can you give me an example of when I might need to use a fast payment? What time will recurring fast payments be sent? Do I have a different payment limit for fast payments? How long do I have to approve a payment on a two to sign account? Where am I able to see transaction references over 280 characters? Is Osko by BPAY different from BPAY? Will it replace BPAY or BPAY View?

What should I do if I don't receive the six digit verification code when creating a PayID?

Ensure that the phone number or email address is correct and that you have access to that mobile phone or email address to retrieve the code. If you still don’t receive the code, contact us on 1300 236 344 or visit your local branch.

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