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600 reasons to smile for Bendigo and Adelaide bank customers

10 December 2007 |Media centre

Customers of Bendigo Bank and Adelaide Bank are immediate winners from the recent merger between the two banks.

From today, customers will be able to use either bank’s ATMs without incurring an “other bank” transaction fee.

This has the potential for customers to reduce their ATM transaction fees with access to Bendigo Bank’s 550 ATMs throughout Australia and more than 90 Adelaide Bank ATMs across South Australia.

“This is the first tangible customer benefit to flow from the merger, and it has been introduced within two weeks of the two banks coming together,” said chief executive of the Retail Bank, Mike Hirst.

“It is a big convenience for both Bendigo and Adelaide customers.

“Now as they travel right around Australia they will have access to more than 600 of their own bank’s ATMs. “It gives our customers a lot more opportunity to reduce their transactional banking fees.”

Mr Hirst said the bank had already started work on bringing Bendigo’s 1.2 million customers and Adelaide’s 180,000 retail customers together on one banking system.

“That is a huge job that will take months to complete, but it is one of our priorities,” he said.

“We want to provide all our customers with full access to branches and products of both banks as soon as possible.”

Mr Hirst said customers could check ATM locations at and

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