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Asylum seeker receives $10,000 grant funding

29 March 2017 |Diversity & Inclusion

A $10,000 grant announced at the launch of Connected Communities Melbourne has been awarded to the Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre.

The group will allocate the grant funding towards an 18 year old asylum seeker and her 16 year old brother to assist with their most immediate need – accommodation.

Connected Communities Melbourne Chairman, Melanie Raymond, said the Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre was a worthy recipient of this inaugural grant.

“Connected Communities Melbourne recognises the role of Neighbourhood Houses in connecting communities across Melbourne including people who are at risk of loneliness and isolation through an inclusive and welcoming environment.

“We know that if these two were accommodated through the youth refuge system it would be a temporary solution.

“The ability for the Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre to use the $10,000 grant funding for their more permanent accommodation means they have the opportunity to thrive independently, and remain together as a family,” Ms Raymond said.

Launched in October 2016, CCM is a philanthropic body founded in partnership with Bendigo Bank, aiming to support the local groups and projects that help make Melbourne the world’s most livable city.

Bendigo Bank’s Executive Local Connections, Alexandra Tullio, said the initiative would be partly funded by profits from 28 Bendigo Bank branches across Melbourne.

“That means by banking at your local Bendigo Bank branch, you can help support your local community,” Ms Tullio said.

“We know that creating successful communities is a good business model for our Bank and the people we serve, so we’re excited to expand our ethos of shared value in a new way.”

Businesses, organisations and individuals can also make tax deductible donations to support the initiative, with grants used to further leverage funding from local, state and federal government. Grant funding is available for projects across 10 sectors including youth work, community safety, sport and the arts.

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