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Bendigo Bank warns of email scam

10 February 2004 |Media centre

Bendigo Bank today warned its customers of an email scam aimed at securing their banking details.

Spokesman Owen Davies said the bank this morning received numerous reports from people who had received a bogus email purporting to be from Bendigo Bank.

“This practice - termed ‘phishing' - is an attempt to obtain customer account and log-on details for use in fraudulently obtaining funds,” Mr Davies said.

“A hoax email looks like an email from Bendigo Bank asking the user to follow a link in the email to log on to e-banking and reactivate their log-on or account details. It may ask them to provide their Access ID, PIN or other financial details.

“If users click on the link within the hoax email, they will be taken to an imitation website that looks similar to the Bendigo Bank website. Any details provided to that site may then be collected and used without their knowledge.

“We ask customers who have replied to this email to contact Bendigo Bank immediately on 1300 366 666.”

Mr Davies said there were simple measures customers could adopt to protect themselves:

  1. Do not divulge banking details under any circumstances. Bendigo Bank will never ask customers for their PIN number.
  2. Never follow links to Bendigo e-banking from an email they have received.
  3. Always log on to Bendigo e-banking by typing  into their address bar, or by bookmarking our site in their "Favorites".
  4. Bendigo Bank's authentic "Log-on" page will always feature a small yellow padlock at the bottom right corner of their web browser. The padlock symbol indicates that the page they are on has additional security. Customers can double-click on it to confirm that the certificate of authenticity has been issued to
  5. Customers should install anti-virus and personal firewall protection. They should speak with their internet service provider or computer retailer about the most appropriate protection.

Customers should immediately be suspicious of any phone call, email or correspondence which asks them to disclose banking details.

If customers are concerned enough to want to speak with a staff member, they should telephone Bendigo OnCall on 1300 366 666.

Bendigo's e-banking system appears to be working for external customers and there is no security threat to customers using e-banking.

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