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Bendigo launches Socially Responsible Growth Fund

6 February 2017 |Wealth

The wealth division of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is pleased  to announce the introduction of the new Bendigo Socially Responsible Growth  Fund.  Sandhurst Trustees, issuer of the new product is also pleased to be  able to announce that the new fund has attained certification from the  Responsible Investment Association Australasia.

Head of Wealth, Paul Rohan said: "Many of our  customers told us that it would be great if they could extend their commitment  to a low-impact lifestyle to their chosen superannuation fund as well.   Making good choices is important for younger members in particular and their  compulsory retirement savings can now be a power for good with Bendigo,  potentially over many decades".

"We decided that the most efficient way to roll out and  deliver the new Bendigo Socially Responsible Growth Fund was to offer it not  only as a standalone fund for investors, but also as a choice in our  multi-award winning Bendigo SmartStart Super fund".

"SmartStart Super customers can now choose to make a  personal statement as to how their money is invested and benefit from a competitive fund focussed on maximising returns through a responsible  investment regime".

Mr Rohan said: "To limit our environmental footprint  as a bank, we make conscious decisions to reduce and offset our impact and we  help others to do the same by offering sustainable products and services.

"Sustainability is a path of continuous improvement for  Bendigo Bank, as evidenced by our modern award-winning buildings in both  Bendigo HQ and Adelaide and we will continue to implement positive action to  reduce our impact on the environment and help other companies and individuals  to do the same.

"Almost 15 years ago,  Bendigo Bank launched  Australia's first 'green loans' - lower-cost loans for sustainable housing or  home improvements such as water tanks, double glazing, solar energy and the  like, so the Bendigo Socially Responsible Growth Fund is a logical extension to  these early initiatives.

"While many of our Bendigo SmartStart customers are Gen Y  and Millennials,  it was their parents' generation who were largely  responsible for organising some of the most significant campaigns in our modern  history to protect Australia's environment and to drive social change.   Hopefully, it won't be too long before their parents twig to the fact that you  don't just have to have your superannuation invested with us to access the  Bendigo Socially Responsible Growth Fund too",  Mr Rohan concluded.

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The Bendigo Socially Responsible Growth Fund:

  • is certified by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia
  • engages Sustainalytics, a responsible investment research firm, to provide  ongoing, independent reporting to assist in meeting the Fund's environmental,  social and governance considerations.

Simon O'Connor, Chief Executive Officer of the  Responsible Investment Association of Australasia said: "RIAA  welcomes Bendigo Bank to our Certification Program with the new Bendigo  Socially Responsible Growth Fund. This fund has met our strict disclosure and  verification requirements, and will be an important offering to meet the  rapidly growing demand from consumers who are looking to align their savings  with their values."

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