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Locals win $20 mil. of Bendigo Bank HQ work

28 October 2005 |Media centre

Bendigo Bank and Probuild, which is building the bank’s new headquarters, today announced that the value of sub-contract work that has been or is likely to be awarded to Central Victorian firms is in the vicinity of $20 million.

This work covers the building phase of the project and includes a wide range of services and construction.

Bendigo Bank and Probuild also pledged to award a significant proportion of the finishing work to local firms following the building stage.

“Today’s announcement brings home the bacon for Bendigo,” said the bank’s managing director, Rob Hunt.

“We said from the outset that Probuild’s commitment to contribute to our home community played a large role in the awarding of the building contract.

“Today, Probuild has delivered in spades and over the two-year building timeframe, our local economy will be more than $50 million better off once the multiplier effect is taken into account.”

Major works awarded to Bendigo firms include the air conditioning contract, which will be installed by Melbourne firm Allstaff in association with Burns Airconditioning Bendigo.

The winner of the electrical contract, Stowe Australia, has committed to providing 70 per cent of the work to Bendigo tradesmen.

Other work to be performed by locals includes demolition, excavation, engineering, concrete panel installation, carpentry, scaffolding and printing.

“We are also delighted with Probuild’s wider engagement with our community,” Mr Hunt said. “They are going above and beyond the mere awarding of contracts and are contributing in many other ways.”

Apart from these subcontracting activities, Probuild has continued its commitment to the support of the local community through the following initiatives:

  • purchasing and renting accommodation and commercial premises in Bendigo;
  • purchasing a company vehicle from a Bendigo dealership;
  • employing Bendigo-based labour where possible; and
  • supporting local schools and sports clubs.

“Probuild is acutely aware of the Bendigo Bank’s commitment to the local community and economy and has attempted to reflect that commitment through its dealings with local businesses and community organisations to date,” said Project Manager Andrew Zinni.

“Whilst commercial reality requires that business decisions will be based upon the most appropriate strategy for the benefit of the project, Probuild is nevertheless committed to continuing this engagement with local businesses and the community through the life of the project wherever practicable.”

Mr Zinni said that as with all complex major projects, certain trades will require significant specialised human and other resources, techniques or materials that may not necessarily be readily available locally.

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