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Latest managed fund unit prices

These application and redemption prices are current as to the time of this communication, however, you may not receive these prices should you apply for or redeem units on or after the time of this communication. Cut-off times for applications and redemptions are set out in the product disclosure statement for the relevant fund.

Transaction processing timeframes are extended at income distribution times, this is to ensure unit prices and distribution rates calculated are fair and reasonable. We appreciate your patience and aim to process these requests as soon possible.

The Managed Fund product/s referenced on this page are issued by our wholly owned subsidiary Sandhurst Trustees Limited.

Sandhurst diversified funds

Minimum investment $500
Fund Effective date Application $ Withdrawal $
Sandhurst Conservative Fund 18/05/2022 0.9535 0.9508
Sandhurst Balanced Fund 18/05/2022 1.0335 1.0305
Sandhurst Growth Fund 18/05/2022 1.0135 1.0105

Sandhurst managed wholesale funds 

Minimum investment $50,000
Index funds
Fund Effective date Application $ Withdrawal $
Defensive Index Fund 19/05/2022 1.0724 1.0695
Conservative Index Fund 19/05/2022 1.2296 1.2269
Balanced Index Fund 19/05/2022 1.3858 1.3828
Growth Index Fund 19/05/2022 1.6047 1.6011
High Growth Index Fund 19/05/2022 1.6666 1.6636
Active funds
Fund Effective date Application $ Withdrawal $
Defensive Wholesale Fund 18/05/2022 1.0321 1.0297
Conservative Wholesale Fund  18/05/2022 1.0179 1.0149
Balanced Wholesale Fund 18/05/2022 0.9814 0.9779
Growth Wholesale Fund 18/05/2022 0.9342 0.9303
High Growth Wholesale Fund 18/05/2022 1.3255 1.3195

Responsible investment funds

Fund Effective date Application $ Withdrawal $
Bendigo Socially Responsible Growth Fund 18/05/2022 1.0835 1.0815

Australian share funds

Fund Effective date Application $ Withdrawal $
Sandhurst Industrial Share Fund 20/05/2022 1.6192 1.6111
Sandhurst Future Leaders Fund 20/05/2022 1.0141 1.0091
Sandhurst IML Industrial Share Fund 20/05/2022 1.2546 1.2484

Income and mortgage funds

Fund Effective date Application $ Withdrawal $
Sandhurst Strategic Income Fund - Class A 20/05/2022 1.0246 -
Withdrawal $ is calculated weekly on a Wednesday 18/05/2022 - 1.0233
Sandhurst Strategic Income Fund - Class B 20/05/2022 1.0304 1.0290
Bendigo Income Generation Fund 20/05/2022 1.0117 1.0093
Bendigo Diversified Fixed Interest Fund 18/05/2022 0.9331 0.9309

Things you should know

Sandhurst Trustees

Sandhurst Trustees Limited ABN 16 004 030 737 AFSL 237906 (Sandhurst) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ABN 11 068 049 178 AFSL 237879. Sandhurst is the responsible entity and issuer of the managed funds available on this website. Additionally, Sandhurst is the issuer of commercial lending products and the provider of traditional trustee services available on this website. Each of these companies receives remuneration on the issue of the product or service they provide. Investments in these products are not deposits with, guaranteed by, or liabilities of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank nor any of its related entities, and are subject to normal investment risk, including possible delays in repayment and loss of income and capital invested.

Information on the website is jointly prepared by Sandhurst and Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and subject to change without notice. Advice in relation to managed funds and commercial lending products is provided by Sandhurst. The information contains general advice only and does not take into account your personal objectives, situation or needs. Before making an investment decision in relation to these products you should consider your situation and read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement available on this site.

The information is given in good faith and has been derived from sources believed to be accurate at its issue date. Neither Sandhurst nor the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank give any warranty for the reliability or accuracy or accept any responsibility arising in any way, including by reason of negligence for errors or omissions for the information contained on this website. Neither Sandhurst nor the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank has an obligation to update, modify or amend this website or notify you in the event that a matter of opinion or projection stated changes or subsequently becomes inaccurate.

Neither Sandhurst nor Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is responsible for the content of any other site accessed via this site. That information is the responsibility of the site owner. Links to other sites are provided for convenience only and do not represent any endorsement by Sandhurst or the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank of the products and services offered by the site owner.

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