Take & make payments

However you choose to do business there are many ways your customers can pay for your products, which is why choosing the right payment system is so important.

When it comes to paying electronically, your ability to take and make payments must be simple, secure and reliable.

Data security is very important to us. The Payment Card Industry Security Standards (PCIDSS) are designed to protect you and your customers against fraud and security breaches.

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Take payments in person

If you choose to do business face to face, there are many different payment options available.

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Take payments online

If your business is conducted online, over the phone or by email, our range of payment systems are designed to make transacting easier for you and your customers.

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Make payments to suppliers

Effectively managing your supplier payments makes it easier to meet your customers’ needs.

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Manage foreign trade

If you’re importing, exporting or conducting business in a foreign currency, our International Trade Services can assist.

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