Make local projects soar

Step into the world of Communities the Bendigo Bank crowd funding platform. A place full of people who dream big – and act to make our world a better place. Communities will connect you with like-minded thinkers and open the doors of opportunity for those who dare to imagine. Come and find a project you can support. Or make your own community dream a reality.

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Dream big. Create a plan. Enlist the support you need. And make a difference to your community. Let us show you how.

What is Communities

It's an online community where people come together to create and back projects that benefit the local community. Make dreams come to life through innovation.

Supporting projects

Find a project that makes you buzz, or pulls on your heart strings. Then help make it happen by offering your time or resources, or pledging a little of your hard-earned money.

Creating projects

Discover how to create a community project of your own. If you have the makings of a great project we make it easy: sign-up, create, get approval and you’re off running.

So go on, step into the world of Communities

We’ve no doubt you’ll feel a flutter of excitement as you find a project you’d love to support on our crowd funding platform. Or maybe you’ll arrive at the starting line for your own community project idea.