Community Bank

You may not think who you bank with matters. But it does. And for our customers, their banking is making a real difference.

Every day our customers help change lives, and save lives, simply by banking with us. Their home loans are building skate and sports parks, hospital wings and classrooms. Personal loans, business banking and credit cards are funding ambulances, rescue boats, disabled and aged care facilities.

Everyday banking is providing all this and more. In fact, $200 million has been returned to communities and initiatives Australia-wide.

You need a bank to give you the products and services you need. We need your banking to help us make a difference.

Are you one of us?

In the late 1990’s a new type of banking model came onto Australia’s banking scene. Bendigo’s Community Bank® branches.

It was a brave and bold move by a regional bank in a rapidly evolving banking and finance sector. Today, 20 years later, there are 321 Community Bank® branches throughout Australia, partnering with Australia’s fifth largest retail bank.

Not only do these Community Bank® branches provide banking and financial services, they have a unique point of difference.

Numbers matter

We don’t just go around telling people we make a difference. We just make a difference. It’s as simple as that.

Sharing profits with Australian communities

$200 million in profits from our Community Bank® partnerships have been reinvested in Australian communities since 1998. This year contributions included:

Sporting  Infrastructure  Education  Health  Youth  Arts and Culture 
Sporting Infrastructure Education Health Youth Arts/Culture

Story bank

We’re not big on self-promotion. But we’re big on community and we’re great at banking. Don’t take our word for it. Hear directly from people in Australia’s Community Bank® communities.

Lauren AndrewsListen

We’ve had a chat with some of the voices you don’t usually hear from. The people behind the scenes who make Community Bank® and their communities the vibrant and thriving metropolitan suburbs, regional cities and towns and remote communities that they are today.

Lauren Andrews takes you behind the scenes of the world of Community Bank® and Bendigo and Adelaide Bank in this series of podcast episodes.



Find out what’s happening in your Community Bank® community.

Jack Morgan Park upgrade

Marcoola, QLD

See how we've partnered with the council to bring this project to life

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Citizen of the Year

Geoff  standing with Mayor Andrew ConlonDoncaster East, VIC

Geoff's long term community efforts have been rewarded.

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Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself how Community Bank® communities are prospering and working together to benefit everyone. And all by simply doing their banking.

Voices you don’t usually hear from

We are a formidable network of people with purpose in hundreds of communities. We’re working to create a stronger future for individual communities, our regions, states and Australia. And we’re proud Community Bank® ambassadors. We are people with purpose.

The Community Bank® director

The shareholder

The customer