Are you one of us?

NSW and ACT Community Bank Conference

If you’re living in one of our 321 Community Bank® locations - look around. We’re everywhere.

We’re at sports grounds, theatres, community and recreational centres. Our name is on outdoor amphitheatres, schools (from childcare centres through to university campuses) and playgrounds.

The ‘Bendigo’ can be found on boats, cars, trains and billy carts right across Australia.

There are young people at university today with the help of a scholarship from their local bank branch.

There are solar panels on aged care centres, buses for use by local groups and health organisations, trumpets, guitars and other instruments purchased for school music programs and financial literacy programs for young people.

In fact, more than $200 million has been reinvested back into Australia. Significantly, these reinvestment decisions are being made by locals and for locals.

It really is staggering to look at the spread of this funding and it makes you wonder just where these hundreds, if not thousands, of organisations would find this level of funding for their clubs and projects if it wasn’t for our network.

Now more than ever, our point of difference is important and really, what better point of difference can we have than one worth $200 million. A sharing of local banking profits to benefit everyone.

20 years on, the opportunities for reinvestment by our Community Bank® network, and in our local neighbourhoods, are endless.

So, the next time you’re on a road trip take a good look around. How will you know when you arrive at a Community Bank® community? It will be a dynamic, vibrant and welcoming metropolitan suburb, regional city, regional town or remote centre.

We’re scattered across Australia and we’re thriving. Our branches and the companies which operate them are making a real different in the places we work, live and play.

As a bank, Bendigo Bank, we’re proud to partner with each and every one of you.

Want to know if you’re one of us? Find your closest Community Bank® branch.