Community banking

Backed by Bendigo Bank, Community Bank® branches which are owned by local shareholders, run by volunteer directors and staffed by locals have now returned $165 million into their local communities.

The Community Bank® branch point of difference is the financial return back to community. Every time a customer banks with one of our 313 locally owned branches, a percentage of revenue stays in the local community, to benefit you and the organisations and projects you’re involved in. It’s simple. Do your banking with a Community Bank® branch and local projects and organisations benefit.

We’re reinvesting back into Australian towns, regional cities and metropolitan suburbs. Today that figure has reached $165 million. That’s $165 million Community Bank® dollars reinvested in local communities. And this figure is growing every day across the country.

Find out more about how Australia’s Community Bank® network is working to make your town, city and suburb an even better place to live, work, play and of course, bank.