Our Branch

The Bayswater Lending and Investment Centre was the third franchise branch operated by Housing Loans Group. It opened 4th February 2008, in premises we had substantially renovated at 4-6 Station Street Bayswater, and from where our branch continues to operate.

As with our Ringwood and Boronia branches, we continued our Lending & Investment Centre theme, with the internal fitout designed to promote customer service  and comfort when speaking with our banking specialist staff.

Our strength is to provide people with banking advice through our "Lending & Investment Centre " approach, with the emphasis on sitting down and spending time talking with customers, to understand and to be able to respond, to their needs.    This has proven to be a successful forerunner of how Bendigo Bank is now designing the internal branch structure within their retail branch network.

The original staff included Branch Manager, Rob Wood, and supported by four full time staff members – with Anthony Bailey still in his role as senior Customer Relationship Officer at the branch.

Business commenced well, and within the first twelve months the branch held over 1135 accounts, and banking business of $35,000,000.

In late 2012, Rob Wood assumed the new role of Senior Manager of our Group, overseeing the operation of all our branches, whilst Steven Lakey was promoted to the role of Branch Manager, and Mark Stewart promoted to the role of Assistant Branch Manager, as well as continuing with his Lending Manager responsibilities.

Throughout our operation we've been actively involved in the community through a range of activities and projects.

In July 2010 we assisted a State Government initiative and formed the Boronia Youth Foundation, to support disadvantaged youth in and around the Boronia area, with a grant of $100,000 to match the Government funding, to provide grants for youth lead projects.

In June 2011, we commenced the first of our annual Community Grants Programs, which have continued in June 2012, and June 2013.

Our Group of branches now administers some half a billion dollars of banking business on behalf of Bendigo Bank Ltd. There are currently in excess of 2800 account holders at Bayswater.

The Housing Loans Group also operates Lending & Investment centres in Ringwood and Boronia with the Group employing  30 staff, with 7 staff members based at Bayswater.

Our depositors are protected under the Australian Government’s Financial Claims Scheme (FCS) which provides protection and quick access to deposits made with a bank, building society or credit union in the unlikely event that one of these institutions fails. Find out more here.