Sponsorships & Grants

The Beechworth & District Community Bank® branch opened its doors on the 9th September 2011. Our goal is to return 80% of profits to local community focused groups. This is a great opportunity for regional residents to support a project that provides local employment and returns its profits back into local community projects.

Since opening we have contributed over $250,000 in grants to our community. We have been able to provide the local reptile rescue with a new outdoor enclosure for rescued animals, our local Hockey Club with new equipment for the U/12 boys and girls teams, Beechworth Secondary College with a new STEM maker space to enhance learning and one of our regions CFA’s with navigation equipment for assistance with fighting fires in remote areas.

Sponsorship Application Form

You may not think it matters who you bank with. But we know that’s not the case. Just take a look at our Community Balance Sheet.

Yes, it’s time to feel good about who you bank with.