Caloundra State High School's Academic Excellence Award

The end of term excitement is most definitely upon us all and our Caloundra Community Bank® Branch Manager Pip Fawcett was right in among the action. As a supporter of numerous primary schools and some secondary schools throughout the year in the Caloundra area, it is only natural that we're called upon from time to time to provide financial assistance to support school events. Of course we're only too happy to help!

One of those such requests was to provide a bursary for the Year 10 Academic Excellence Award which was shared by two very deserving winners from Caloundra State High School. The Rotary Club of Caloundra also provided their support.

Pip attended the Presentation Night ceremony last week and enjoyed a wonderful evening of celebration. With great applause for all the winners, Pip joined with the school Principal Julie Pozzoli for a special congratulate the Year 10 winners - Tia Walsh and Paige Wharton.