Charlton 2020 progress report

But no, this little community, led by the local Community Bank® branch, is well on track in its aim to provide a new $4.2 million multi-purpose facility for the town.

In the past decade Charlton has experienced drought, a devastating flood and now is in the middle of another drought period.

In 2006, a local committee, with funding assistance from the State Government, undertook a feasibility study which recommended the construction of a multi-purpose facility.

In 2011, State Government funding enabled the completion of the design phase of the project.

To qualify for any Federal Government funding, the project had to be shovel ready, which in 2011 it wasn’t.

So, in 2006 a forum was held involving local stakeholders, politicians, local government and state representatives of various sporting and recreational organisations.

As a result, Charlton 2020 was borne, a not for profit organisation with a single focus – to build a multi-purpose facility for the town.

In 2013, a State Government grant enabled the completion of the final design and specifications and the project budget, from shovel ready to completion was $4.2 million.

Three months later, a fundraising launch was held in Charlton with a $1 million fundraising target.

If the community could raise $500,000, Charlton Community Bank® Branch would commit the remaining $500,000.

Where is this project up to today?

The Community Bank® $500,000 contribution is sitting in Bendigo Bank’s Community Enterprise Foundation, ready to be used.

Lobbying in Canberra, Melbourne and the local shire continues with a further $300,000 needed to be raised by the community.

Charlton 2020 is confident of success.

And for this community, this successful outcome will be more than a green footy oval and club house. It will be an indication of just how important community development is for people living in rural communities.

People in country towns like Charlton deserve and expect the same opportunities as those in regional centres, particularly when these levels of ingenuity, hard work and financial commitment.

picture of people with large cheque