Fitzroy Primary School literacy program

In 2014 Clifton Hill/North Fitzroy Community Bank® Branch held a community forum. A small number of key community priorities were identified. One being to support early years literacy programs in Melbourne’s inner north.

A key component of that support has been the our partnership with Fitzroy Primary School. Over the past two school years, Fitzroy PS have revised and renewed their literacy program in partnership with our branch.

It's the school’s belief all students should have access to literacy environments. These need to be organised, purposeful, foster independence and nurture a lifelong love of reading.

Our funding has supported the establishment of new resources.  The old library has been reorganised into two distinct areas. There is now one for the junior students and one for the senior students.  These have been designed to make them more attractive to students and change the concept of a school library.

Support for our local schools has been a joint project with the East Malvern Community Bank® Branch for this program, and the Books in Homes program at Sacred Heart Primary School (Fitzroy) and St Joseph’s Primary School (Collingwood).