Inaugural Reimagining Northside Project

This year, our Community Bank® branch partnered with YLab Global to create the inaugural Reimagining Northside Project. YLab Global put young people, by people, and complex problems together in ground breaking programs. Reimagining Northside is a unique, intensive program forming part of our Community Bank® branch's commitment to young people.

After eight weeks of workshops to develop their project ideas, the Reimagining Northside participants pitched to a panel of judges from our Community Bank® branch for their share of $10,000 to make their dreams a reality.

Members of YLab, our Community Bank® branch, Inner North Jobs for Youth, members from Darebin City Council and Yarra City Council and friends and family of the pitch contenders were in awe of the pitches proposed by the eight inspiring young people.

We will continue working with the teams and their projects to help get them off the ground. The projects include; a creative pop-up run by and for young women, an online tool to provide employment opportunities to youths, an online platform for people with disability to access opportunities to social inclusion, research and production of medical technology for early detection of head injuries and a forum for international students to feel 'cosy' in a foreign world to them and a prototype kit home to extend houses cheaply and quickly.

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