Our Branch


That’s the question we asked ourselves when we commenced operations in 2006.

As a founding member I was active in bringing the Clifton Hill/North Fitzroy Community Bank® branch vision to reality. I have been a director since the Community Bank® branch launched to create a genuine, alternative, local banking service where community and shareholders benefit. I am so proud to be part of a community enterprise that continues to invest in our vibrant and dynamic community.

To date we have provided community grants, donations and sponsorships worth more than $2 million to over 200 Community Partners within our local community. This is only made possible by our customers and the shareholders who have been a part of this journey to date. Every day our customers help change and improve lives, simply by banking with us.

The Community Banking model is in its 20th year, in which time over 320 branches throughout Australia have contributed over $205 million!

How would you like to contribute to your local community? We invite you to do just this by banking with us.

With over 6200 customers and 297 shareholders we aim high; our plan is to contribute another $1 million to our inner north community over the next three years.

Will you join this amazing social enterprise and join our vision for a community that contributes directly to supporting youth and disadvantage and works to connect our diverse and vibrant communities in the inner north?

Come and meet our friendly staff and join with us on this exciting journey today!

Jenny Farrar, Chair - Clifroy Pty Ltd

Our depositors are protected under the Australian Government’s Financial Claims Scheme (FCS) which provides protection and quick access to deposits made with a bank, building society or credit union in the unlikely event that one of these institutions fails. Find out more here.