Sponsorships & Grants

You may not think it matters who you bank with. But we know that’s not the case. Just take a look at our Community Balance Sheet.

Yes, it’s time to feel good about who you bank with.

A community sponsorship is significant step in developing an on-going relationship with the Clifton Hill / North Fitzroy Community Bank® branch. We consider community sponsorships a unique way to build community relationships, strengthen our banking business, and enable on-going investment in community organisations and projects in the inner north Melbourne area.

Since 2006, the Clifton Hill / North Fitzroy Community Bank® branch has invested more than $2.1 million in community sponsorships. This is made possible only by the customers of our Community Bank® branch. Retaining and growing our customer base allows this unique banking model to thrive.

We offer two sponsorship rounds a year, closing 31st March and 30th September.

For more information please contact:
Lee Chia
Email: partnerships@clifroy.com

End of Financial Year Grants

Twenty grants are on offer to help give your not for profit organisation a financial year breather. For more information and how to apply see here.