Our Branch

Cowes District Community Bank® Branch

Cowes Community Bank® Branch was opened on the 13th of May 2009 and is the second of three Branches opened by San Remo District Financial Services Ltd.

Since it's inception, Branch staff have been passionate about not only providing a range of relevant Banking solutions to the local Community, but also making the Branch a successful business that generates enough profits to be able to give back to the local Community that Bank with us.

San Remo District Community Bank® Branch

A group of interested community members was briefed by Bendigo Bank on 29 April 2002 in relation to the proposal to establish San Remo District Community Bank® Branch and a committee was formed to evaluate the proposal.

A preliminary public meeting was held in June 2002 to discuss the Community Bank® concept and the steps required to establish a Community Bank® branch of Bendigo Bank at San Remo.

Following extensive support from more than 370 members of the community‚ the committee engaged an independent consultant to conduct a feasibility study in relation to the proposal.

The results of the feasibility study were presented to the committee at a meeting held on 3 September 2002 and it was unanimously voted to proceed towards the establishment of San Remo District Community Bank® Branch.

The branch was officially launched on Friday‚ 27 June 2003.

Grantville Community Bank® Branch

During 2007 members of the Grantville and Districts community approached San Remo Financial Services Limited with the purpose of opening a branch in Grantville. The company was willing to work through the process if the community demonstrated by showing their support by banking and pledging to take up shares in the company. In October of 2007 a steering committee was formed and the work commenced. Veronica Dowman initially chaired the Steering Committee and a program of community discussions and card table rosters commenced. During the campaign the Chair position passed to Michele Fulwell. Prior to opening the branch Michelle Fulwell and Pat Russell joined the Board of San Remo Financial services.

Grantville is the third site to be established by San Remo Financial Services Limited. The first site in San Remo was established in 2003 and the Cowes branch opened during May of 2009. The company is financially successful and has already provided significant sponsorships and grants to community organisations in Grantville and Districts.

A testament to the strength and commitment of the Steering Committee is that the Committee membership has remained unchanged from start to finish. The only changes have been where Steering Committee have moved from the area.

Our depositors are protected under the Australian Government’s Financial Claims Scheme (FCS) which provides protection and quick access to deposits made with a bank, building society or credit union in the unlikely event that one of these institutions fails. Find out more here.